Road Trip 2003

Day 1

With only a couple of weeks between the Spring Quarter and the Summer Quarter, I had to cover a lot of ground in a few days, but I wanted to try to see some places I hadn't actually been to before.

Or at least see them from a different angle.

Look, there's not a whole lot to most of Wyoming. Halliburton will probably have me squashed for saying this, but beyond Yellowstone and the Tetons, there's Devil's Tower, and, um, well, Rock Springs. And that's about it. You spend most of your time desperately looking for roadside markers of interest, and following your progress on the map. I also spent a lot of time not speeding. Wyoming has about 500,000 people, so every tourist looks like a revenue source, if you know what I mean. And those blue lights in the rear-view mirror tell me that you do.

That cut-off at Sweetwater Junction was to visit a used book store that used to be here in Denver. The two women who run it packed it up a couple of years ago, and removed it to a barn, guarded by a llama. It's right there on US-287, called the Book Barn now, or something. I have no idea what they do for money.