Serif? Who uses a serif font? Other than CBS, that is? Finally, though, under one roof, the trips, the resume, and the blog. It's all here, except for the blog archives which are going to sit there, burdening Blogspot for as long as they'll keep them.

New stuff whenever I feel like it.

View From a Height
Commentary From the Mile High City. Look around. Maybe you'll read something interesting.

Road Trip!

Various and sundry from around the Centennial State
Photos from the Great Exile
Southern Utah 2016
One of the loneliest places in the continental US. Perfect!
Alaska 2015
"I didn't know you could drive to Alaska," said more people than you'd think.
Las Vegas 2013
It's more than just casinos, although the Strip architecture is probably worth a trip back. Sometime when it's not 110 degrees.
New England 2012
For the first paid vacation in years and years, we went to the first American frontier, and the last grouping of states I hadn't been to: New England. A Pinterest-themed blog, pictures only for now. Start on the last page and work forward.
New Year's 2008
What do you do when your contract gets cancelled? Road Trip! Going to the Great Southwest, to Comb Ridge, to Sedona, and points in-between. Simple captions for now.
New York City
One man. One camera. One bright Spring morning to kill.
August 2006
Where you go when four days of a long weekend is your vacation for the year. There's absolutely no design to these pictures, but after a while, it's either put up or shut up.
Spring Break 2005
Spring Break, as only a 38-year old grad student with a job and no time can do it. If you trace the route on a map, the logo makes sense...
Colorado Tour 2004
Same idea, but now, only Colorado. It's not just the mountains any more: there's a whole state out there.
June 2003
Let's get in the car and drive! Just drive! Let's see how many miles we can put on the car in four days, while zipping past some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

My World And Welcome To It.

Book Reviews
As far behind as I am on my reading, I'm even further behind on my writing about it.
Motive Force!
Who doesn't love trains? After a rough half-century or so, they began to turn things around in the mid-80s. Pictures of, from, and about, the big lugs.
Pictures of Sage, who got to see more of the west than many people who live here.
Parade of Homes
Denver has a surfeit of magnificent mansions, home to scions of great mining and political families, willed to the public and rented out for receptions, weddings, political fundraisers, and voice recitals.

These aren't them.