More ESB. This is from Chinatown, in lower Manhattan. I had promised a friend some bialys, from the world famous Kossar's Bialys. Unencumbered by a car, I just took the subway from Flatbush to the nearest stop, and spent the morning walking around a little corner of lower Manhattan, lugging the bialys around with me for the rest of the tour.

I love looking down the streets. It's a cliche, but you really do get a sense of the enormity of the city. And it works from anywhere. The streets below Houston are shorter. as are the buildings outside of the financial district, but they're closer-in. No web-slinging here, I wouldn't think.

This is really the best way to see the city, not excepting the double-decked tour bus. One time, about 8 years ago, I was in NY for some turbo-dating (not turbot-dating, no; the gals were all pleasant and well-groomed). I had breakfast at Ratner's down where the streets have letters, and walked back up to where I was staying in the 90s on the west side. Just me and the cell phone, although neither one of us with a camera. If I were every forced by circumstance to live in New York, and I pray daily that that never happens, walking Manhattan would be one of the consolations.