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Boehner: No More One-On-One Negotiations with Obama

Wow, talk about changing pitchers one batter too late:

The negotiations approach has obviously become a trap. For one thing, Boehner has proven to be not very good at it. The president “negotiates” in bad faith and uses deadline pressure to slip bad bills through before legislators and the voters have any chance to read them. The next big fight, over the debt ceiling in February, could have been expected to have gone down like the last one, if Boehner stuck to negotiating directly with the president.

Plus, while Boehner will be re-elected Speaker of the House, he will come into the new Congress damaged: He lost the Plan B vote and there will be fewer Republicans in the House. Restoring the legislative process could end up restoring the House’s ability to fight its constant battles with the Democrats who pincer it from the White House and the Senate.



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