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The Best Infographics Of 2012

Still not too late to look back at the year’s greatest hits.

Data viz has to be considered one of the fastest growing segments of design today, and thankfully, it’s growing in some exciting new ways. Where the Internet infographic was defined, for a period, by the dense, super-long column of facts and figures, we’ve recently started to see more projects that engage directly with data in novel ways–like the student-made rig that paints earthquakes in real time, or the lattice of metal, created by artist David Maly, that mimics the action of the ocean waves over a thousand miles away.

For example:
The earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand’s second largest city, in February of last year was devastating both in terms of the lives it claimed and the damage it inflicted. But one group of students set about to turn its aftershocks into a thing of beauty. Their Quakescape 3D Fabricator listens for seismic activity and, when detected, paints it on a slab etched in the form of the Christchurch landscape. The more intense the activity, the closer the paint used gets to the red end of the spectrum

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