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Is Iran Already Nuclear-Capable?

From Germany, a report that North Korea may already have tested an Iranian bomb back in 2010:

But why should North Korea keep the nuclear tests secret? asks Rühle. North Korea proudly advertised its previous nuclear tests. But the North Korean tests of 2006 and 2009 used bombs with a plutonium core. The 2010 tests, according to Lars-Erik de Geer’s calculation, employed enriched uranium. North Korea might have secretly enriched uranium on a sufficient scale to produce sufficient explosive material for two test bombs. But the more likely explanation is this, Rühle concludes:

The second explanation would be that North Korea conducted a nuclear test for a foreign entity, in this case, an Iranian explosive. That would be a sensation, although not quite a surprise, to be sure. Intelligence services have observed a close degree of cooperation between North Korean and Iranian experts over a period of years for the preparation of a nuclear test, although the previous assumptions centered on the prospect of an underground nuclear test in Iranian territory.

If true, this would mean that Iran is already nuclear-capable, putting us in 1-minute-to-midnight territory.  It would also mean that for all those folks hoping to hear Obama make nuclear capability a red line have already been overtaken by events.  And it means that, although Netanyahu tonight talked about facing a nuclear duck, we’re actually already looking at a game of nuclear chicken.

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