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The EU finally agrees on a boycott of new Iranian oil contracts.  The sticking point?  Greece, Italy, and Spain, who import a lot of their oil from Iran.  Ultimately, this will strengthen China’s hand vis-a-vis Iran, as one of their last large customers.

Melanie Phillips doubts that this will induce Iran’s leaders to abandon their religious mania, though.

Azerbaijan is claiming to have thwarted an Iranian plot to kill the Israeli ambassador to that country.  Seems to be a lot of that going around, these days.  Even – perhaps especially – if it’s not true, it’s a good sign that Azerbaijan would rather be on our side than the Iranians’.

Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of Congressmen try to explain that Iran sanctions are, you know, the law.  Included among the signatories are our own Reps. Lamborn and Coffman.

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