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Hispanics Not Single-Issue Voters

So says a participant in the conservative Hispanic Leadership Network, meeting this week in Miami:

Substance is precisely what Hispanics are looking for when we consider what’s desperately needed to return America to what so many of us came here looking for. For the majority of Hispanics who are immigrants and sons and daughters of immigrants, jobs and a chance to earn a better living were the biggest magnets to come here and leave everything behind. Yet, some are convinced that Hispanics are naturally drawn to the idea of a bigger government that is the purveyor of endless goods and services and would never embrace a conservative vision for America.

I think this is more true than many would like to admit, because assumption that all Hispanics care about is immigration is a simpler story line.  But culture matters, and we’re not doing a very good job of teaching immigrants what makes America special and successful.  Then again, we’re not doing a very good job educating natural-born citizen about that, either.

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