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Liberals Decide They Don’t Like Propaganda

At least, that’s what many left movie reviewers are calling, “Act of Valor“:

Ms. Hornaday’s article contains a number of howlers–I love her reference to “the Obama era of surgical warfare”–but she was far from the only one to float the idea that Act of Valor is propaganda. Other liberals have called the movie a poor act of military propagandaA display of heroism or American propaganda?a flashy piece of propagandaHollywood war propaganda, and the Pentagon’s amnesia-inducing propaganda. We could go on and on, but let’s close with this one: “Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Beast is asking whether Act of Valor is propaganda.”

Didn’t the Pentagon grant, to paraphrase, “unprecedented access at the highest levels,” for the upcoming Obama Got Osama flick? I’m sure they’ll be equally eager to denounce that as propaganda when it comes out.

Or not.

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