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Concerning Those Burned Qu’rans At Bagram Air Base

Captain’s Journal:

A second official said that local religious leaders who came to look at the damaged material as part of an investigation into the incident were “shocked by what they saw.”

Pages of the Korans contained many handwritten messages and in some cases printed notes were found inside the books. This official described the messages as “extremist” in nature.

This entire incident has as its root cause the fact that rather than killing the insurgents on the field of battle, we imprisoned them in hopes of rehabilitating them and releasing them to return to productive lives in the service greater Afghanistan.

Ah. Those Western ideals at work again. How sweet. But in reality, prisons in counterinsurgency are opportunities for rest and relaxation, a chance to be fed and to receive good medical care, and a safe haven to recruit and radicalize other insurgents.

These copies of the Qu’ran should have been burned, but Afghans should never have been involved. In fact, the prisons, which are currently full to overflowing with radicalized Islamists and criminals soon to be released when the U.S. exits Afghanistan (or sooner if the prisons are turned over to Afghan authorities), should completely go out of business. We should have been killing these fighters rather than giving them the opportunity to concoct further plans for harm to U.S. troops.

I have to say, I understand the urge to be polite and apologize for treating someone’s holy books shabbily.  But I think this is really just doing little more than emboldening our enemies.  Egypt 2012 is already impersonating Iran 1979, and in 1979, Iran didn’t have an Islamist country to draw aid and comfort from.

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