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Invest, Innovate, Educate

Walter Russell Mead on why primary and secondary education have been so resistant to innovation, and what to do about it:

Unfortunately, venture capitalists are staying out of the K-12 education market in droves. The world’s central bankers are printing money as fast as they can, there is more capital floating around the world system than ever before, and venture capitalism has made handsome enough returns for so long that the whole process of financing start ups is more advanced and efficient than ever before.

Moving authority in education closer to the grassroots — giving principals and teachers more power over how to teach and more information about what works while rewarding them for making wise choices — is probably the most important step to take.

I think he’s really hoping for more reform than is possible from the current system.  There’s a reason principals and teachers don’t have that power.  And unfortunately, having a national curriculum isn’t going make things easier, it’s just going to introduce another bureaucracy to deal with.  If you could get the private schools and the charter schools on board, though, you might have something.

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