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European Democracy is On The Edge Of The Abyss

Well, it’s not like the EU itself is all that democratic:

“Opinion polls suggest that the two parties in the coalition, which currently dominate parliament, are facing huge losses at the next election, scheduled for April. Parties on the far left and far right, which are set to make big gains, are opposed to the bailout deal.” (BBC -ed.)

So, fascists and communists are set to make inroads as the centre-right and centre-left parties of Europe discredit themselves by their dogged commitment to a set of suicidal policies concocted in Brussels? Well I never.

“Predictable, and predicted”, as the eurosceptics are now fond of saying: the hollowing out of European democracy has been leading us in this direction for years.

But the more you look into it the worse it gets. George Tzogopoulos, of the Bodossakis Foundation think tank, was quoted in the Irish Independent last week as saying: “In my view the election (in April) will be postponed because of EU pressure.” All quite casual and unremarkable. A leading Greek analyst just thinks the EU will ban a general election.

Norman Davies made much the same point in the WSJ this morning about the EU as a whole.  But this is more about trickle-down anti-democratic effects.


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