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Britain’s Quiet Revolution

From Prospect magazine:

But a huge majority has lost faith, as Peter Kellner, president of YouGov, puts it, that politicians are giving the right money to the right people for the right reasons. People are suspicious of illegal immigrants, of single parents, and in a cascade of pejoratives, of “scroungers,” the “feckless” and the “workshy.”

But it is not all gloom. Our poll suggests a possible compromise between voters and governments, through which adept politicians may manage to scramble, although how long public opinion will remain solid is another question.

As we can tell you, even in places where the political class is usually kept on a shorter leash, it’s hard to make the leap from “government isn’t doing this right” to “government can’t do this right,” and then to get them to stop trying to do so much of it.  And that line about a “compromise between voters and governments” misunderstands the proper relationship between the two.  Still, discontent is the first step, right?

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