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Who Dat?

Even as I write this, the Colorado House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee is hearing testimony on Rep. Szabo’s bill to require a Photo ID for voting, HB12-1111.  While it will probably pass out of the committee, the Dems will continue straining gnats (last time it was a couple of dozen residents of a mental home, this time it’s that someday signature verification will be more reliable, because we’ll be voting by mail).

So far, at least, none of the committee members has compared the idea to a poll tax.  The Powerline guys have done an admirable job taking apart the objections.

Right now, we’re hearing from an 89-year old, hispanic, WWII vet in favor of the bill.  I wouldn’t count on the Democrats’ professed tenderness towards veterans, seniors, and minorities to sway their vote here.

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