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Garbage In, Garbage Out

More proof that you measure what you try to measure, no matter what you say you’re measuring:

A growing world population, mixed with the threat of climate change and mounting financial problems, has prompted University of British Columbia researchers to measure the overall ‘health’ of 152 countries around the world.

Encompassing both economic and ecological security, high-income countries were ranked among the least healthy overall. Many countries in South America performed well, offering future generations better financial, food, water, and energy security.

The top five performing countries are Bolivia, Angola, Namibia, Paraguay, and Argentina, while the bottom five performers are Jordan, the Republic of Korea, Israel, Kuwait, and Singapore.

So technically advanced countries that are contributing every day to medical and environmental breakthroughs are the losers, while Namibia and Bolivia are the winners.  Tell me, if you suddenly found yourself with a life-threatening ailment while traveling, which country would you rather have had your visa stamped in, Israel or Angola?  And university researchers wonder why people don’t take them seriously.

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