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Competing Models, Different Availability for Adele’s “21″

Turns out that Spotify turned down Adele’s conditions for streaming her “21″:

Multiple sources confirm that Adele was willing to play ball with the streaming service, as long as the¬†content was accessible only to paying subscribers and not to its freemium users….

The various strategies are understandable depending on the perspective. For Adele, it’s clear she’s willing to make her content available for subscription streaming, but is not interested in giving away her music to free users in the slight hope of possibly helping to drive Spotify’s freemium-to-premium conversion rate. She is willing to provide her music to those who are willing to pay for it, plain and simple….

On the other hand, Spotify, which declined to comment on the matter, demonstrated its commitment to its freemium-to-premium business model here. Spotify believes its free service will drive subscriptions–and it’s willing to sacrifice access to the best-selling album of the year over that belief.

I’ve had a Rhapsody account for years, much prefer it to the “you’ll listen to what we decide and you’ll like it” model of Pandora, and have been very happy with its catalog.¬† It’s not dirt cheap, but it’s worth not having to listen to ads.

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