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Goodbye to the BCS

Grantland writers take varying looks back at the BCS:

Holly Anderson: I don’t have a special set of BCS feelings I keep burnished and tucked away in a corner of the black pit where my heart should be. I watched all the BCS games, dumbly matched or not, because they were football and they were there and after they ended there was no more football for many moons. I’m interested to see what a playoff format brings, and how quickly it expands, but I know that, like the BCS, it’ll be beholden in some way to the wealthier conferences. The most honest approach might be to scrap any pretext of fairness entirely and simply let the bowls invite whichever teams they want, let the conference championship games take center stage, and let the commissioners and bowl-hawkers decide among themselves who wants to play whom after that.

As anyone who reads View or even Glimpse knows, I think the BCS usually got it right, that the new system won’t get it right any more often, that college football doesn’t have to do things like every other league in every other sport in the world in order to be entertaining and rewarding, and that the we-must-have-a-playoff mentality was driven largely by small-minded, unimaginative sports reporters who can’t tolerate uncertainty.

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