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Sean Trende Offers Hope for Colorado Republicans

Even with a contentious Senate primary getting underway for the Republican nomination, some are writing off the seat and conceding it to Udall.  Sean Trende, not so much:

If Republicans had a stronger field, this race would probably move up a tier. But there’s no doubt that Udall is benefiting from a field of relatively unknown candidates, plus Ken Buck (who famously lost a 2010 Senate race that was thought to be unlose-able against Michael Bennet). Still, PPP shows Udall up by only four points, which is similar to what an earlier Quinnipiac poll showed. Buck could be leading among likely voters. It seems improbable that this race will stay competitive through November, but for now, Udall seems to have a race on his hands.

Trende is a smart guy.  You have to be, to hang with Michael Barone.

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