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Harry Reid’s House of Lords

I’ve complained before about how Harry Reid’s fealty to the administration is doing lasting damage to the Senate as an independent institution.  Someone else has noticed, as well, as he’s now obstructing the NDAA:

The real culprit here is Sen. Reid, who seems more intent on running interference for the administration than legislating the people’s business. The calculation here is that, while an NDAA is critical for managing defense, there is nothing in it for the White House. Indeed, debate on the bill risks airing far too many issues that the Oval Office would rather not have brought up—from its debatable deal with Iran to its mismanagement of the battle against Al Qaeda. The White House simply has no interest in having its dirty foreign- and defense-policy laundry aired out on the Senate floor.

Of course the White House has no interest in having its policies or decisions debated.  What’s new is a Senate Majority Leader who sees that as his job, rather than guiding policy through that debate.

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