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Democrats vs. the Self-Employed

Joel Kotkin:

Why is this the case? Ironically, this may be a reaction to expansive regulatory regimes that tend to both reduce corporate employment and also encourage some individuals “to take their talents” solo into the marketplace without having to deal with, for example, labor laws and environmental regulations.

Obamacare is only one aspect of government’s assault on the yeoman class. Attempts to regulate housing and encourage denser, usually rental, units ultimately works against the interests of home-based small businesses by raising house prices. The extra bedroom that becomes the home office now can be seen as “wasteful” even if – in terms of generating greenhouse gases – working at home is far more efficient than commuting, even by mass transit.

Chasing people away from large businesses is only part of the problem.  Excess regulation also means capping growth at the point where the regulations kick in, and making it harder to climb up to that point, anyway.  Many of these entrepreneurs are women and hispanics, so this represents an electoral opportunity, if we’re sincere about it.

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