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Bike Service At Your Service

Beeline Bikes Like Uber?

He started Beeline Bikes, which is kind of like an Uber or Homejoy for bike tune-ups. They have mobile vans, outfitted with all kinds of parts (see below) and trained mechanics that can fix up many bikes over the course of a day.

The nine-person startup has three initial vans and the plan is to cater to startups and tech companies up and down the peninsula and in San Francisco. They’ll also do house calls to families as well.

In b-school, for our marketing project, we came up with something called “25th Hour,” which would do oil changes and light car maintenance at your place of work, kind of a mobile Jiffy Lube.  (The name was a reference to the complaint that there are only 24 hours in a day.)  We actually persuaded ourselves that it was a workable idea, and perhaps we were too quick to write it off.  I’m not sure why only startups and tech companies, though.

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