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Montgomery County DOT Thwarts BRT? @ggwash

Seems so:

Unfortunately, while publicly embracing this idea, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) is unwilling to do what must be done to make it succeed. Asked to find a few places where buses could be moved faster right now, MCDOT refused, saying that it had to do a study first, and then didn’t start the study. MCDOT officials also insisted that planners weigh BRT against a preposterous assumption that every single car on the road is a 4-person carpool.

I’m always skeptical of converting existing lanes into bus lanes, and pedestrian bridges could probably solve a lot of the issues with wide intersections.  But we saw Urbanized the other evening, and if Bogota, Columbia can figure out that buses are better than rail, and figure out how to make them work, surely we can.

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