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Why Does The Ailing West Aid Its #Islamist Enemies? @MelanieLatest

We’re too steeped in reasonableness to recognize religious fanaticism when we see it:

But the deeper reason is surely the Western belief that the world is basically governed by rationality. So all conflicts arise from grievances, and all parties can be persuaded to settle a quarrel in their own interests.

Refracting everything in the world through the prism of its unshakeable faith in universal reason, the West is incapable of recognising or understanding religious fanaticism, and insists instead on treating the fanatic as a rational actor.

There’s truth in this, and Phillips isn’t the first one to notice it.  But mistakes like the self-muzzling UN Resolution 16/18 aren’t appeals to reason at all, they’re appeals to emotion and self-esteem, and just as futile and self-destructive.

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