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Quantum Entanglement Gives Rise to Wormholes?

That’s the theory, anyway.

But what enables particles to communicate instantaneously—and seemingly faster than the speed of light—over such vast distances? Earlier this year, physicists proposed an answer in the form of “wormholes,” or gravitational tunnels. The group showed that by creating two entangled black holes, then pulling them apart, they formed a wormhole—essentially a “shortcut” through the universe—connecting the distant black holes.

Now an MIT physicist has found that, looked at through the lens of string theory, the creation of two entangled quarks—the building blocks of matter—simultaneously gives rise to a wormhole connecting the pair.

The theoretical results bolster the relatively new and exciting idea that the laws of  holding together the universe may not be fundamental, but arise from something else: .

As I said, I stopped being surprised by anything quantum a long time ago.

Posted in SciTech.