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Paging Cleavon Little

Obamacare isn’t helping Democrats with white women:

Remarkably, only 16 percent of blue-collar white women have a favorable view of Obamacare. They disapprove of it by a 4-1 ratio. (The poll found 21 percent did not know enough about the ACA to hold an opinion.) These voters are by no means a strongly Democratic group: Obama won just 39 percent of them last year. But they do lean further left than their male counterparts, and Democratic candidates in 2014 will need to perform even better with them to win reelection. In 2008, for example, Democrat Mark Begich won his Senate race in Alaska by claiming 54 percent of the white female vote, which constituted 41 percent of the state’s electorate. He’s a top GOP target in 2014.

White women aren’t a core part of the Democrat Client Coalition.  However, much as Republicans need to keep their percentage of the Hispanic vote respectable in order to win, so too with Democrats and white women.

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