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Political John Doe Investigation in Wisconsin

In a link-filled guest post for Legal Insurrection, Wisconsin Watchdog report Matt Kittle details what looks like abuse of prosecutorial discretion in Wisconsin, operating secretly but within the law, targeting Governor Scott Walker.

There’s a secret war being waged in Wisconsin, and the outcome could have national ramifications on free speech and the rule of law.

As first reported by Wisconsin Reporter in late October, a Democrat-led, secret probe now nearly two years in the making has targeted dozens of conservative organizations on the ground in the Badger State.

The so-called John Doe investigation, which one former Federal Elections Commission member said makes the “Alien and Sedition Act mild by comparison,” has raised serious questions of partisanship and prosecutorial abuse.

The whole thing stinks, looking a lot like a state-level rerun of the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.

Here in Colorado, back in 2008, we couldn’t even get an investigation when most of the sitting Democratic legislative leadership, including current CD-6 candidate Andrew Romanoff, showed up on a list as a “covert operative” of the Colorado Democracy Alliance.

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