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Liberals Lose Effort to Defund the Right Via SEC Disclosure

Via Bainbridge, quoting Marc Hodak:

Mary Jo White, former United States Attorney, is bringing a strong prosecutorial agenda. This shift in priorities appears to have manifested itself in a new Rule List that, at least for now, drops the push for disclosure of corporate political contributions. The pro-regulatory crowd is not going to be happy. …

Corporate political spending has been a hot topic since Citizens United in 2010. This ruling gave corporations and unions the ability to spend without limit on political ads, as long as they did not directly contribute to a candidate’s campaign. The people pushing hardest for corporate disclosure of such spending have—no surprise—been those most opposed the policies that corporations are most likely to promote, e.g., less regulation, lower taxes, and reduced trade barriers.

I don’t think corporations are likely to promote less regulation, just regulation that gives them an advantage or raises barriers to entry for their competitors.  And I’m also suspicious of the assumption that business and labor are automatically enemies.  That said, I’m pleased with this decision.

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