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Triathletes And Pain

Apparently, they handle it differently from the rest of us:

In the tests, the triathletes could discern pain just as well as non-athletes, but they felt it with less intensity and were able to withstand it longer. The researchers explain that detecting pain is a relatively straightforward sensory experience, whereas evaluating pain and being willing and able to endure it involves more psychological aspects, such as attitude, motivation and life experience. The triathletes were found to fear and worry less about pain, which may help explain their high tolerance, the researchers say.

There is also another explanation for triathletes’ lower pain ratings, higher pain tolerance and better pain regulation. It is possible that through their vigorous training, they have taught their bodies to respond powerfully to painful stimuli. The researchers say that their study – along with existing literature – may indicate that the combination of psychology and physiology enable triathletes to host such remarkable abilities.

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