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Using Nanographene Oxide to Destroy Tumors

More nanotechnology promises:

Scientists have learned over the years that the  in cancerous tumors are more sensitive to heat than  in the body (it makes them more porous). To take advantage of this property, researchers have developed techniques for heating such cells before applying other techniques meant to kill them—heating tumors before using chemo or radiotherapy makes them more vulnerable (the drugs can more easily enter the tumor cells due to the enlarged pores) and thus easier to kill. In this new effort, the research team has been experimenting with nanographene oxides, which they say, might conceivably be used as a means for more accurately directing heat to  prior to using other tumor killing techniques.

This stuff will change the way we live.  Someone is going to develop this technology.  It would be an unforgivable shame if we regulated ourselves out of the running.

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