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No, Your GMO Corn Isn’t Killing You

The paper that gave so much hope to anti-GMO luddites is being retracted by the journal in which it appeared:

All of these criticisms of the study could have been incorporated into the original press coverage, except for the fact that the people behind the study manipulated journalists to ensure that they were unable to obtain any outside evaluations of the paper. Nevertheless, even as the criticisms rolled in, the researchers remained defiant, and anti-GMO activists continued to promote the paper as evidence of the dangers posed by genetically modified crops.

Now, the editor of Food and Chemical Toxicology, the journal in which this study was published, has decided its flaws are so severe that including multiple Letters to the Editor with the study just won’t cut it. In response to the initial complaints, he had set up a panel that looked over the paper and the additional data provided by Séralini. According to one letter from the editor, obtained by an anti-GMO activist group, “The panel had many concerns about the quality of the data and ultimately recommended that the article should be withdrawn.” The editor has agreed with this recommendation, and has already written a statement that will replace it.

Science by press-conference and press-manipulation is nothing new; Ron Bailey wrote about it extensively in Eco-Scam decades ago.  It was bad science then, and it’s bad science now.

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