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Why Square Designed Its New Offices To Work Like A City

Trying to encourage spontaneous, serendipitous interactions at work.

The design of the office “motivates people to move around the office and interact in casual, unscheduled ways,” he explains–just like the well-planned public spaces of a great city. Early concepts for the office were motivated by old 18th-century maps of cities. “When I think about a city,” Gorman says, “I shop, I go get coffee, I go to the park, I go for walks. We wanted to create that same variety in the office.” In addition to its in-house café (and in-house debugger/barista), Square has been experimenting with pop-up stores and artisan merchants appearing within Square’s own offices.

It’s a fun idea, but I’ll bet they find out impersonating city-type interactions is harder than it looks.

Lippincott has a different approach: throw different elements of the total design team together at their workspaces.  They see it as being more about people than about spaces.

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