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Gettysburg and the New “Proposition” of American Politics

From The Witherspoon Institute:

In Lincoln’s mind, the view of America “under God” hardly translated into a sweeping set of easily identifiable and zealously enforced public policies. His Second Inaugural makes it abundantly clear that “the Almighty has his own purposes” that may or may not comport with the popular religious assumptions of even the most churched of peoples. Yet, as he explained privately of that speech, the idea that “there is a God governing the world” with purposes discernible enough and connected to broad, non-sectarian contours of justice, humility, and charity was a “truth [he] thought needed to be told.”

Writing biblical law into civil codes violates our principles, as does banishing religion from the public square.  There probably is no “solution” to this, just the inevitable, perpetual working-out of the questions of the day.

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