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Hot Stove League

Yes, the game does change.

I’ve heard some fans comment that pitchers from the ’60s did not seem to throw with as much exertion as today’s hurlers, and therefore did not throw as hard. That may have been true of some pitchers in 1965, but certainly not Maloney. Although no radar gun was in evidence at Wrigley Field, it looked like Maloney was throwing very hard, easily upwards of 95 miles per hour. He certainly wasn’t soft-tossing junk that afternoon in the Chicago sunshine.

Maloney’s workload that day was also noteworthy, and quite shocking, at least by today’s standards. Thanks to all of the walks and strikeouts, he threw a total of 187 pitches over 10 innings.

There’s more, from camera angles, from the trivial (cap color) to the substantive, like how fast the pitchers worked.

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