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Brady v. Manning XIV

Have they traded places?

In thinking about Manning-Brady XIV, I started rereading some of those old debates and got thinking about the arguments that justified picking one over the other. After all, Brady-Manning wasn’t really about the players; it was a referendum on how you valued numbers versus winning and how much the rest of the team mattered in subjectively deciding what a quarterback’s production was worth. Trust me: It seems boring now, but this is what we did for fun before Twitter.

After reading those old arguments against Manning, I’m getting struck by the same thing. No, it’s not my urge to yell that Eli’s better than them both. I can’t help but notice that all the old knocks on the elder quarterback now apply to his counterpart.

Today’s matchup sets up the playoffs, but if Peyton gets another Super Bowl, it’s DiMaggio vs. Williams all over again.

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