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Say Goodbye to the Monroe Doctrine ?

John Kerry, you’re no John Quincy Adams.

Secretary of State John Kerry declared that “the era of the Monroe Doctrine is over” as he expressed chagrin over U.S. willingness to claim the power to repel European intervention in the Western Hemisphere for 190 years.

Kerry’s declaration to the Organization of American States during a speech Monday was met with applause from the delegates of Latin American countries.

While formulated under the presidency of James Monroe, the Doctrine’s authorship is ascribed by historians to his Secretary of State John Quincy Adams.

I remember in the 80s that the Doctrine was controversial on the left, inasmuch as it provided both reason and means for aiding the Contras in Nicaragua and the government in El Salvador. ┬áDespite a number of efforts over the years to recast US-Latin American relations, from FDR’s “Good Neighbor Policy,” to JFK’s “Alliance for Progress,” none of them explicitly renounced the idea that we would be senior partner in any relationship, and that we retained the right to warn off powers from outside the hemisphere.

So far, it’s shaping up to be quite a month for Bill DiBlasio, Sandalista.

No word, by the way, on any new recognition of the mullahs’ totally reasonable and understandable ambition to be the regional hegemon.

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