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Tea Party Despair and ObamaCare

A piece from a few weeks ago that’s still valid:

Despair is a contagion that can kill a political movement. As Pete Wehnerbrilliantly noted here earlier today in his piece about the Tea Party mindset, the apocalyptic view of the ObamaCare defunding fight has led many conservatives to take an all-or-nothing position that sees greater value in going down fighting for a lost cause than continuing the patient, incremental struggle toward eventual victory. Since they see nothing but darkness ahead, treating the debate about how to combat the liberal agenda has become one in which anyone who preaches compromise on any point or even patience is a traitor.

This was written with respect to the shutdown and the attempt to defund Obamacare, but I’ve seen more and more posts from libertarian and Tea Party-types predicting “civil war” between themselves on one side and statists of all stripes on the other.  I wouldn’t like those odds if I were them.  The answer isn’t to invite a losing battle to end all battles, but to try to draw the lines so that more people are on our side.

Immanentizing the eschaton is bad politically as well as religiously.

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