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Why Ken Cuccinelli Really Lost

Rich Shaftan, an experienced political consultant, brings a sober analysis to the table, dispelling myths and drawing lessons.  Everything I’ve seen from Rick is level-headed and devoid of the blamethrowing that’s become far too common in these post-mortems.  Among the key items:


The Republican Governor’s Association put $8 Million into the Cuccinelli campaign and the Republican National Committee spent another $3 Million (not counted in the near $20 Million the Cuccinelli campaign expended).  One could make the argument that the RNC and RGA shouldn’t have spent money in New Jersey where Chris Christie was going to win anyway, and money dried up as Ken’s campaign continued to flounder, but to say the national GOP “screwed” Ken is ridiculous….


Cuccinelli’s positive ads made him sound like a liberal Democrat and didn’t attract any.  It goes without saying that Ken did not cut into the McAuliffe vote with his ads.  Ken Cuccinelli spent seven years in the State Senate and four years as Attorney General building and winning with a strong conservative message that no one saw in 2013 til the final week.

Shaftan worked on three of Cuccinelli’s campaigns for the State Senate, and seems properly aghast at not recognizing the Cuccinelli he knew reflected in the gubernatorial campaign.

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