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Partners For Peace

An M-75 rocket made out of snow on the Temple Mount, January 2013. (photo credit: Facebook/Q.N.N)

“Eschewing the traditional snowman, sculptors utilized Jerusalem’s snowfall to fashion a replica M-75 rocket on the Temple Mount, causing a flurry of activity on the social media network Facebook on Thursday.

The large replica of the missile, of the sort fired by Hamas at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem during the November 2012 mini-war Operation Pillar of Defense, was photographed standing prominently on the contested site, holy to Jews and Muslims.”

Via the Times of Israel, which includes some other startling appearances of the M-75 in what passes for Palestinian popular culture.  Of course, the M-75 was more or less completely ineffective in its most recent outing, so the Palestinian embrace of failure is perhaps more symbolic than they intended.

Posted in Foreign Policy.