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3D Cameras Bringing That Minority Report Screen Closer

Yes, the premise of Minority Report is creepy – using telepaths to predict criminal behavior and lock up the malefactors before they do anything wrong.  But the things that everyone remembers are Tom Cruise manipulating a wall-sized screen with his hand like a conductor, and his being relentlessly bombarded by personalized ads.  The second would get old, fast, but I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t want to be the first on his block to have a remote-sensor touch-screen.

Looks as though 3D cameras are going to make that possible very, very soon:

The bottom line is that we don’t walk past shop windows that allow us to buy things directly and the doctor doesn’t yet manipulate your x-rays with a wave of the hand but… it’s just a matter of software and ubiquitous 3D cameras.

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