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Driverless Cars Heading Commercial

CES is going to feature a little commercial toe-dipping into the driverless car market:

While Google’s self-driven Prii have been stealing headlines for the better part of two years, upcoming offerings from Audi and Toyota will likely focus on vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technology. Details are still under wraps, but this five second clip reveals what appears to be a heavy amount of radar and camera equipment strapped onto an autonomous Lexus LS600h L contributing to an unmanned lane change.

First, note that the innovation, while driven by American-based Google initially, is now being commercialized by German and Japanese companies.  That’s not a good development.  Certainly we didn’t expect better of GM or Chrysler, and Ford has been refinancing, and apparently focusing on better hybrids.  But driverless cars are true game-changers, with the potential to free up billions of hours of productivity (or Angry Birds expertise), drastically reduce the number of cars in user inventory, and increase mobility and activity of those no longer able to drive themselves.

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