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Truckers Spending Money, Not Adding Capacity @joc_talk

Truck carriers are buying more trucks, but it’s mostly to replace older fleets, rather than to expand fleet sizes.  The problem, according to Werner Enterprises (where I work for a living), is that there’s a pretty serious driver shortage.  So in the short term, this is going to drive up costs and probably expand profits for the carriers.

The government has made the problem worse with its new regulations.  While the number of accidents, both in raw numbers and as a rate per miles driven, has been declining for quite some time, new “safety” regulations are going to make it harder for long-haul truckers to get home as quickly.  The number of drivers needed is going to grow, even if capacity doesn’t, because they won’t be able to be behind the wheel as often.  So the DOT has now made a needed occupation that much less attractive.  Thanks, guys.

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