Denver has some of the finest houses in the whole country, for a major city. Sure, if you've got all of Asheville, or most of the Connecticut shoreline, or half of Fairfax County to play with, you can come up with a great house. The real challenge is doing something interesting on a normal city plot. Something like the Molly Brown House up there. In Hilltop, Crestmoor, the 6th-, 7th-, and 8th Avenue corridors, the Montview neighborhood, Denver has some of the greatest neo-Tudors, neo-Colonials, and neo-Mansions I've ever seen.

This site isn't about them. It's about the more - individual - houses. Now, mind you, individuality still takes money. You don't build Lowry-style tract housing full of individuality. And you also don't get much chance for individuality when you're straining to meet a schedule before the Feds show up and ship half your labor force back over the border.

So come back to a time before tract houses and airport redevelopments, before outdoor pedestrian malls and McMansions lined up so neatly you expect IT to have the kids come outside and bounce their basketballs in unison. A time before...

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